Winfield Campus


Jay and Sam Mace

Jay and his wife, Sam have been married over 20 years and have two adult sons who also serve at the Winfield campus and attend Marshall U. Jay accepted his calling at the age of 22 and has evangelized, pastored or youth pastored for almost 30 years. Their heart for ministry begins outside the church in the community with a strong focus on the area schools, youth sports and family driven ministries. The goal is to bring people of all ages to Jesus and walk with them in the hope of the resurrection.  

FUN FACT:  Sam hates cameras and avoids social media. It is rumored that many have suffered bodily injury for simply mentioning her in a post. Pastor Jay may or may not have told us this.



Associate Pastor,
Dwight and Lisa Walls

Dwight and Lisa serve as advisors to the pastor. Dwight leads the Men’s Ministry and assists with benevolence visits. Lisa plays a vital role in event planning and serves in the Kids Club and Nursery ministries. 

FUN FACT:  Dwight participates in a number of fishing tournaments each year that he never wins and he never calls anyone by their real name. We’re not sure if that’s on purpose or not. 



WAlly and Bethany Slawter

Wally and Bethany Slawter serve many important roles and are also advisers to the pastor.  Wally manages the worship band and consults on all electronic and technology.  Bethany leads Ladies of The Pulse and the Welcome Team.  She also leads in church communications and planning.

FUN FACT:  Bethany hates the bright green ministry shirts and won’t be caught dead in one. Wally just wears UNC gear. We had to pay him heavily for this photo. 



YOUTH PASTOR TJ and Madora Sauders

TJ and Madora are our 356 Teen Ministry Pastors and also serve as advisors to the pastor. A son and daughter of Winfield Middle and High Schools, they are very passionate about the community’s teens. They bring over 10 years of teen ministry experience. TJ is currently participating in The Pulse WV ordination curriculum. 

FUN FACT:  Madora is an English teacher at WHS and grammar nazi. It’s believed that she provides the pastor with a red-marked transcript of the weekly message. She also refuses to order at a drive-thru. 



Kids Club Leaders

Luke Mace (center) is a senior at Marshall in their secondary education program. He plans to teach and coach while pursuing his Master’s Degree and one day be a principal. He has 9+ years experience as a coach and ref in youth sports and children’s ministry. 

Courtney Walls (right) is a sophomore at Bridge Valley and is studying Sonography. She looks forward to spending her life letting people see their babies for the very first time. Courtney has worked in children’s ministry for 8+ years. 

Isaac Mace (left) is a freshman at Marshall and is majoring in BioChem as a Pre-Vet Major. He hopes to own his own clinic in the future and be the first to bring emerging technology to WV’s animal clinics. Isaac runs the a/v needs for Kids Club and has more than 7+ years experience doing so. 

FUN FACT:  The kids love them!  If you don’t believe us, just ask them. 



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