Are you passionate about Jesus? Webster’s Dictionary describes passion as “a strong feeling or emotion or an object of someone’s love, liking, or desire.” You can usually determine what people are passionate about by what they spend their time doing or talking about most. Recently, I spoke to The Pulse Church in Gassaway, West Virginia about missed opportunities for sharing our faith. Every soul is important to God, and I challenged the church to participate in the great commission of reaching the world for Christ. Although we may not have the ability to reach the entire planet, we do have opportunities daily to reach those in our community for Christ.

Kristi and I went away to Daytona Beach to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We both love warm weather and taking long walks on the beach. Although extroverted by nature, while on vacation I am more reserved. It’s normally small talk about the weather or asking the question “What state are you from?” This vacation was different. It was my intention to talk my passion.

One day while on the beach, Kristi and I were approached to listen to a presentation on how to maximize our vacation. Normally I let Kristi deal with these solicitations, because it happens every time we go to Daytona. It was a windy day and I was flying my kite. While flying, I distinctly heard the voice of the Lord say, “Share your faith with her.” So, I walked back to Kristi and the woman who had approached us to listen to where they were in the conversation. I waited for the opportunity to ask the woman if I could share my faith with her.

She smiled and said, “Yes.”

I continued, “I accepted Jesus into my life when I was eleven years old.”

She smiled again and interrupted me by saying, “I was nine when I accepted Christ.”

I said, “Oh, Wow, that is awesome.”

When we listen to the voice of the Lord, he leads us somewhere, every time. Our conversation lasted for over 30 minutes as we discussed things that had happened in our lives and how God intervened in each situation. We also had an opportunity to pray for her about an emotional situation that she was going through.

She confirmed to us afterward that she felt a warmth go through her body during the prayer.

I am convinced that what we are passionate about is what we talk about. It’s amazing that when we see a good movie or have a great experience at a restaurant, we tell people. But when it comes to sharing our faith, we are silent. Why is that?

I read a recent survey that Christians are afraid to share their faith because they might offend, could suffer rejection, or be ridiculed. So how do we overcome these objectives? If your friend was in a burning building, would you walk away and do nothing? My guess is that you would run into the building and cry, “Fire!” There is a lost world that can only be saved from their sins by hearing about the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. How will they know unless someone tells them? By redefining the motivation to share your faith, could be incentive enough to do it. Do not allow fear to silence you. On the contrary, ask God to give you boldness.

One might ask, “How do I speak openly about Jesus Christ?” The answer is to simply pray and ask the Lord to give you the confidence and the opportunity to daily share your faith. Then look for those opportunities. Get involved with a church that has a passion to help you grow your relationship with Jesus. Remember, we spend time doing and talking about what we love.