When I was a kid I can’t tell you how many stitches I wore thanks to the barbed wire fences around my grandparents farm. From running down a hill and entangling myself to grasping to a run away horse frightened by the tractor backfiring and running too close to the fence, I always seemed to push my family’s inability to tolerate the sight of blood. Then there was the summer I chose to ride my big wheel down the steep, rough hillside exclaiming, “WATCH ME” as I let go and allowed gravity to do its thang. This resulted in spending my summer break with virtually no skin on 80% of the front side of my body.

When it came to living dangerously, I was one to test the mental of most of those around. If anyone needed someone to put their head through something hard, there was a good chance I was the one to volunteer. This mindset certainly paved the way for plenty of blog material but also came with its share of discomfort and inconvenience. Like having to spend my first trip to Florida and Disney wearing a protective hat for the 30+ stitches on the side and back of my head from the aforementioned entanglement.

As difficult, embarrassing and even painful as it was, I’m not completely sure I’d change things. Possibly some better timing and more thought out plans behind those choices but the willingness to take risks and live without fear, well, that I want to hold on to.

The early church blazed a path based solely on the life of Christ. His Glory. His holiness. His words. His love and compassion. They were set afire by His Spirit and recklessly pointed people to a what Jesus did work of redemption more than a theological, what would Jesus do debate.

Their message was radical and challenging to the status quo. Often, they were so passionate they put their fingers in the face of kings and stared down the religious elite. They slept in prisons and walked many a sandy mile. Most were martyred for their ways.

You see today, the first time we are challenged or experience discomfort for Jesus, our passion soon fades. Rather than spread the Gospel, we are convinced it is our job to protect it. Keep it in the four walls of the church where we won’t offend or convict.

To heck with that. Load that bad boy up on a big wheel and tell the world what Jesus did. You see the Gospel stands on its own and so will we when we establish our reckless pursuit of Jesus in the Gospel and nothing else.

From Peter to Paul, the greatest preachers we’re not refined men. They gave little thought to what could happen and were always focused on what did. Jesus is calling you to an abundant life. Quit avoiding the risk and let go. Live dangerously why don’t ya. The bumps and bruises will heal. Trust me on that one but the ride will be worth telling for years.