Roughly $58 Billion has been lost over the past 5 years by people carrying around gift cards they never use. This is real money…gone!

I wonder how many of us are carrying these cards around that are past their expiration period. They are empty and thus meaningless. Without value or power.

Did you know there are 3000+ promises in the Bible. Attached to these promises is power. Deliverance. And, the ability to see God do supernatural works in our lives.

Why would He do this for us, you ask? Because He knew us when He formed us. He placed purpose in us. And, to ensure we accomplished what He placed, he has promised power.

The problem is we treat his promises like a gift card that is never cashed in. We know them, walk around and sometime quote them. Yet, we are never audacious enough to walk in them, claim them and pray them over our lives. So in turn, we are empty and meaningless to the enemy.

When Moses stood challenged by a sea and army and a pack of whiners and grumpy old men, he challenged God and man to show and see the salvation of the Lord. He had no idea what God would do but he believed God was in control and promised to do all that was needed. God did.

Start swiping friend, and see the salvation of the Lord.